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A Will is something that we often don’t turn our minds to until it’s too late. Whether we just keep forgetting about it or thinking that we are too young and there will be plenty time to put the Will in place. A large percentage of us never finalise a Will. Not having a Will can lead to complications, additional expense and delays in the settling of your Estate and even instances where people that you wanted to receive things don’t. By writing a Will, you ensure that those whom you wish to inherit do so with the minimum of trouble and expense.

Wills are often straightforward but some involve complicated arrangements and financial planning relating to matters such as Inheritance Tax. Even if your Will is simple if it isn’t drawn in the correct terms then it may be invalid. We can meet with you and take you through the process of preparing the Will so that your wishes come to fruition.

Clearly it is a very difficult time when you suffer a bereavement. We are here to help you through this including arrangements relating to undertakers or arranging for the Death Certificate to be issued. Whether there is a Will in place or not we can deal with all aspects of the Executry Estate to ease the burden on you and your family.